ACE Marine Images

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All of the services that I offer at ACE Marine Images are things that I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about.

For me it's all about getting away from the mainstream, getting away from the crowds, and finding peace to nurture ones creatives instincts.

Escaping the crowds also has added benefits, nature is more relaxed and natural, great photo opportunities appear that do not exist when surrounded by large numbers of people.

My name is Chris Clark, I started ACE Marine Images in 1996, as Koh Tao and Thailand's original, and only, photography and film academy. Originally it was just me, a one man show.

A.C.E. stands for Ann, Chris and Eric, (mother and father) as I never wanted anyone to forget the the support of my family in my obsessive passion and quest to master photography and the marine environment. Through the years ACE Marine Images grew and tutored many budding underwater film makers and photographers from all over the world, many who have gone on to achieve great things in the industry.

In the late 90's I teamed up, as underwater cameraman, with the late and great Jamie Macleod and partner Stewart Oehl, to go in search of the treasure, hunting for the ship wrecks of The Gulf of Thailand. With great success, Jamie and crew uncovered most of the great mysteries of the area, locating more than 200 significant wrecks from ancient Chinese pottery, through World War II and to onto modern vessels. Indeed in 2009 one of the films that we worked on, about the American Submarine USS Lagarto, won 3 Emmy awards. The film was also nominated for outstanding cinematography.

Through the years ACE Marine Images grew and experienced success both in recognition and awards and in quality of production and crew. This however, with the rapid boom of Koh Tao's tourism, was never my goal at heart, as my quest was always for a more personal creative experience where I, and those who choose to join me, can connect with nature and nurture their creativity. Quality not quantity, and after many years in the travel industry I can tell you right now that you simply cannot have both.

With that in mind I moved away from the main stream, leaving the dive factories of Koh Tao behind, to once again do the things I love, coming full cycle back to where it all began, a one man show.

 My aim is to give you an unforgettable experience, both on land and sea.

Booking is easy. Send me an email, call me or come to see me at The Gallery, the best restaurant on Koh Tao.

I operate with a limited number of people per hike or on my luxury speedboat so I can maintain my high standards of customer care. As a professional photographer I am always on hand to help my guests with their camera and photo needs. Schedules are easily tailored to ensure that we miss the crowds and enjoy amazing sites on land and at sea. I want every one of my guests to enjoy the beauty of Koh Tao the way I have always liked to - on our own and at the best times of day or night.

As captain and photographer, I monitor the daily currents, tides and weather for the best conditions available either for boating or hiking adventures. Join me and discover why Koh Tao has grown to be a great tourist destination for photographers and why I love this beautiful paradise island that I call home.